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Get an assessment of any hazardous contaminants on your property before completing your purchase.


At CHC Home Inspection, our clients’ safety is our leading goal. That’s why we include Mold and Meth Testing in our series of Home Inspection services. These dangerous contaminants can cause a wide range of health problems for anyone who comes into contact with them. Before you buy or sell a home, it is crucial to have it inspected for these toxic hazards.


If you suspect your home may contain Mold or Meth Residue, contact our trained professionals right away. Our three regional offices are located in Lexington, Louisville, and South-Central KY (Liberty, KY). We are proud to serve all of Northern KY, Central KY, and South-Central KY (including Somerset)


Mold spores are microscopic organisms that are present virtually everywhere in small amounts. However, something as small as excess humidity or overlooked water leaks can trigger mold spores to concentrate and spread rapidly throughout your home. Mold can be dangerous to homeowners as well as expensive to remove, so it’s best to act quickly if you recognize any signs that it may be present. If left untreated, mold infestations, particularly Black Mold, can pose a variety of health threats to your family, including allergic responses, chronic headaches and respiratory issues. A common sign of mold is a strong, musty odor. If you suspect mold may be present in your home, contact our trained professionals at CHC Home Inspection to come out and perform Mold Testing. During a Mold Inspection, our skilled inspectors will take air samples throughout your home where the odor is present, as well as test any visible mold you may see to determine its strain. Mold spores grow and spread quickly, so if our findings detect any presence of mold, you should immediately address the source of the moisture problem before you begin mold remediation.


Meth labs are a rising concern for homeowners throughout the United States, as you may unknowingly purchase a home in which there was previous meth use. Meth smoke leaves behind a very toxic and difficult to remove residue, which can be a dangerous and expensive problem for unsuspecting families living in contaminated homes. Only a small amount of smoke is needed to contaminate a room’s surfaces and leave behind enough toxic residue to make your family sick. Before purchasing a home, it is crucial to have a Meth Inspection to reveal whether or not the home is free of this deadly residue. Our expertly-trained professionals at CHC Home Inspection can perform Meth Testing on your current or future home to protect your family from the dangers of inhaling these toxins.

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