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This is the most common type of inspection for buyers and sellers which includes a through inspection as well as a report for the clients use. These inspections are performed by a set standards of practice which can be viewed here. Pricing for inspections is based upon property size, age and features. Call and talk with one of our experienced inspectors to obtain direct pricing for your inspection. Before buying or selling a home, you may have questions about what a General Home Inspection involves, and our expert staff is happy to put your mind at ease. During the inspection, our team will thoroughly examine the condition of your home and look for things such as termite infestations, mold and radon presence, energy loss, and much more. Some of the most common areas we check during a Home Inspection are the roof, foundation, structure and walls, plumbing system, heating and cooling system, and electrical units. Depending on the size and condition of the home, most inspections last 3 to 4 hours. Throughout your Home Inspection, we use the industry’s leading technology, including: Gas-Leak Detectors Thermal Image Scanning Wood Moisture Meters Infra-Red Thermometers Electrical Volt Meters GFCI Outlet Testers After our non-invasive home inspections, our team will assemble a report of our findings and suggestions moving forward, which you can refer back to when making necessary renovations.


When it comes to your business, we know how important maintaining your investment is to you. With higher foot traffic rates than a home, commercial buildings can be susceptible to more wear and tear over time. Our Commercial Inspections are guaranteed to examine the entirety of your building, from roof to foundation. During these inspections, our trained professionals examine the interior and exterior parts of the property, while checking all systems, structures, and surfaces throughout the building for any safety concerns. For larger properties, our clients have the option to request representative samples of systems, instead of a full check on each unit.

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For current home owners, Limited Scope Inspections can be the perfect choice to save time and money. Compared to our General Home Inspections, these services are usually quicker and can be up to 40% cheaper. We suggest these services to our clients who are already familiar with the aspects of home inspections and notice specific signs they want evaluated. We want to ensure all of our clients get the full value of the service they pay for, which is why having a Limited Scope Inspection is the best option for some families. The most common elements we examine during these inspections are: Structural: Foundation, Structural Framing/Construction and Load Bearing Members Mechanical: HVAC and Plumbing Systems Electrical: Panels, Grounding, Service Entrance, Wiring and Receptacles Roofing/Exterior: Roof, Siding, Gutter, Trim, Veneer, Exterior Windows and Doors


Generally, a Walk-Thru Inspection occurs after a client purchases a home. These short inspections are to confirm that the previous tenants leave everything in the home that was included in the purchase contract, and move everything else out that wasn’t. During a Walk-Thru Inspection, our professionals will also perform a quick examination to ensure there are no damages, broken items, or areas that need to be cleaned. Some common aspects we look for during our examination include: holes in walls or ceilings, missing safety detectors, and damaged appliances.

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Most of our investors are generally buying properties which are in obvious need of work in many areas. In this case, the bigger issues are the main concerns for most of our buyers. We can include a limited scope type inspection for and only inspect the categories that you as an investor/flipper may be interested in. This type inspection starts at base pricing for one category and may include up to 2 additional categories at additional fees per added category but is a cheaper alternative than a full home inspection. Most common categories desired in this type inspection are Structural, Roof, Crawlspace, HVAC, Electrical& Plumbing.


For the client who may be buying a property that is selling "as-is" and a report is not necessary or who would prefer to accompany the inspector and learn about the house as it is being inspected, this is an inspection where you can obtain the most interaction. Picture and note taking on your own is encouraged as this is your opportunity to learn hands-on about your new home. This inspection is priced at the same rate as a normal home inspection as it will endure and detail the same inspection process.

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As home inspections are typically general in nature to include all of the homes structure, finishes and installed equipment, often the systems and components of licensed trades are not evaluated as thoroughly or as in depth as a licensed contractor in that same field. We are glad to offer a third party inspection of desired systems to be included with your inspection. This is an additional fee and pricing will vary depending on the third party and geographical location of your inspection.


Most home inspections are performed for the client which is usually the buyer after their offer has been accepted. It is typical that most purchase offer contracts contain a contingency clause that allows further negotiations by the two parties after the offer has been accepted. It is being proven over and over that for the seller this is not the best scenario as it can lock them in at the offer price and put them in a situation with little leverage. We encourage pre-listing inspections to avoid pitfalls at this time in the contract process. With a pre-listing inspection, the seller now can have the opportunity to eliminate any issues that a buyers inspection can bring up and keep the seller in a good position to avoid contract issues after the acceptance of an offer. As an added bonus it, also helps the seller to obtain the highest of buyer offers as buyers are comforted being able to see a thorough inspection report prior to making an offer.

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