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Common Home Inspection Myths

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you’re at least somewhat familiar with home inspections. There are several common myths surrounding the topic of home inspections. Some of this misinformation is harmless, but some of it can end up with you owning a home that requires substantial repairs to be habitable. The licensed home inspectors at CHC Home Inspection and our team are here to help in separating fact from fiction.

A home inspector writing on paper on a clipboard near Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky (KY)
  • Myth: Appraisals and inspections are the same things

  • Fact: The two are often confused, but an appraisal estimates a property’s value, and an inspection assesses the condition and safety of a home. However, a final inspection report can help determine a home's actual market value after suggested repairs are factored in.

  • Myth: Inspections are a pass/fail scenario

  • Fact: When an inspection is performed, the result is simply an expert opinion about the property. The inspection will give you information about the safety of a home and whether local building codes and regulations are up to date. At the end of the day, it’s up to the seller and prospective buyer if they want to make the recommended repairs and continue with the transaction.

  • Myth: You don’t have to attend the inspection

  • Fact: Technically, it’s not required to be there during an inspection, but we highly recommend it. Observing the inspection gives you a chance to ask questions in real-time. This can also make it easier for you to interpret the written report.

  • Myth: Inspectors can help negotiate a lower price

  • Fact: Negotiating a price on a home is something to leave to your realtor. After you receive the inspection report, you can look into what the suggested work will cost and use that number to help determine the value of your offer.

  • Myth: Everything you need to know about the home will be part of the inspection

  • Fact: Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine everything that may go wrong in a home, especially in the future. Our inspectors work with the information available at the time of the inspection. If we don’t see cracks in the foundation, that doesn’t mean a future earthquake won’t cause damage to it. Walk-through visual inspections are non-invasive, and several aspects of a home will be inaccessible unless you have a separate, specialized inspection. We have sample inspection reports available so you can get an idea of what will be included.

  • Myth: A brand new or fully renovated home does not need an inspection

  • Fact: This is at the top of the inspection myths list. It seems to makes sense - if something is new, it shouldn’t need an inspection, right? Unfortunately, even newer builders or the most skilled contractors can make mistakes and having an inspection will allow you to have any issues remedied before they cause significant problems.

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Our inspectors are fully licensed by the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors and participate in continuing education to stay on top of new regulations and inspection methods. In addition to inspections, we offer air quality testing, septic inspection, and more. Contact us today to schedule your inspection. We’re proud to serve Lexington, Louisville, Liberty, Somerset, Georgetown, and Nicholasville, KY.

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