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Save Time and Money Sewer and Septic Scopes near Lexington, KY

Not many people understand the important of septic and sewer inspections, as they aren’t commonly discussed in many households. However, these inspections are a quick, easy way to save you a lot of time, hassle and money. Damaged and broken septic and sewer systems are one of the most expensive things to fix in a home. CHC Home Inspections sewer and septic scopes are top of the line, providing you exact details on what is going on in areas of your home in areas not visible to the eye.

CHC Home Inspections Sewer and Septic Scopes for peace of mind near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

While sewer inspections are great for everyone, they are crucial for those who:

  • live in homes near large trees, as the roots can compress and crack the sewer lines and even creep into the pipes

  • are buying or living in an older home, such as homes built as recently at the 90s. If the home is built any time before the 80s, the old material they used will no doubt disintegrate or collapse over time

  • notice very lush patches of grass near sewer lines as this could be indicating a leak

  • of course, the most common, recognize a backup within the house, meaning there is a clog or some other issue occurring

Sewer Scan/Scope

The CHC Home Inspection sewer scan and scope is where our contractors utilize a camera to look into the system from a line in the house or street. This scope will clearly reveal if there are any possible problems with your system, such as invasive tree roots or cracks in the pipes. The CHC Home Inspection professional knows just how to use this method to discover the condition of your entire system. This is the only method that finds out detailed information of the sewer. Scopes and scans are great for your current home or any home you’re looking to buy so you don’t end up with any severe, unnecessary costs.

Septic Inspection

For those who use septic systems, septic inspections are where CHC Home Inspection once again aids you in avoiding major issues like backups and leakages. This specific service is ideal for sellers or homeowners that need records of recent inspections or servicing of the septic system, and unfortunately, is not something many homeowners have. When you employ CHC Home Inspection for septic inspections, you can expect the entire process to be handled by us quickly and effectively. Once finished, we provide you a comprehensive report in a timely manner.

We guarantee that both of these services save you money and headaches. They give you incredible leverage when negotiating home purchases and best of all, they give you peace of mind.

Contact Us

Whether you are actively purchasing a home, a multi-family investment, or a commercial property, or if you are just an individual in the housing industry, CHC Home Inspection is your local one stop shop for professional home inspections. With many years of experience, we offer expert general home inspections, radon testing, termite inspection, thermal imaging inspection, mold and meth environmental testing and aerial drone inspections, so whatever you need, we’re sure to get it done.

Inspections are a valuable asset, and we take that seriously, giving you a licensed and thorough service. Take a look at our detailed sample reports online here to get a glimpse into exactly what we do for our clients. To schedule one of our several services please call us at 800- 975- 0275 or fill out our contact form online here. CHC Home Inspections is located in Lexington, Kentucky but we also service Louisville, Liberty, Somerset, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Central, KY.

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