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Ensure that your new home or business is free from wood destroying insects (WDI) before completing your purchase. CHC is dedicated to bringing the most professional and quality services packaged into a consolidated experience for our clients. 


We incorporate your termite (WDI) inspection within our inspection services and give you a one stop shop experience. We only use verified and professional termite inspectors for our clients and also give you the option to  request a specific inspector of your preference.


No markups are made to the termite inspectors/company fees and you will receive the termite/WDI inspection report in electronic format as an attachment on the bottom of your home inspection report. We also try our best to schedule the termite inspector for the same appointment time as the general home inspection when possible.

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Termites are a threat that thousands of homeowners deal with each year. Here at CHC Home Inspection, we believe in offering detailed inspections for our clients to give them a better idea of what is going on with their home. Our business strives to make your family’s life easier by offering termite inspections performed by approved third parties, who will create a personalized report with action steps that fit your situation.

Image by Mika Baumeister

There are many ways that these annoying pests can get into your home, such as through foundation cracks or areas with large amounts of moisture. Our expert third parties know that possible termite infestations can be overwhelming and costly to you and your family, which is why they'll pledge to treat you with the respect and attention they would give their own family.

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